The way our service works

Prior to providing any form of financial advice, we have to understand your goals, objectives and any investment experience and/or history you may have. We take account of every pension, life policy and savings plan you have ever owned, not just the most recent. That process enables us to understand you the person, where you are in life, your short and mid term needs and what you are hoping the future will bring.

Before presenting our report, anything irrelevant or misleading will have been discounted. In other words, you will be able to see the financial wood for the financial trees and have a clearer understanding of what really matters to you. You will also be aware of the steps you need to take to secure your and the future of your family.

Once our initial recommendations have been implemented, we want to ensure that our advice remains appropriate. As such, we adhere to the following fundamental responsibilities and disciplines:

  • We monitor the suitability of the plans we develop for you and the investments and insurances we recommend
  • We keep up to date with regulatory changes and check for any other significant developments that we believe may effect your financial interests
  • Whenever adjustments need to be made, we will provide clear and accurate written information explaining exactly why they need making

No financial plan is set in stone. Your investment portfolio and financial plan will evolve and must be capable of adapting to new market conditions or appropriate opportunities as they arise.

Annual investment review
Spending on the level of service agreed, we will produce a report on your investments. As well as providing individual and portfolio investment valuations, the report will measure the performance of your investments against relevant benchmarks. If your portfolio needs rebalancing to ensure that it remains aligned with your risk profile and agreed financial objectives then your adviser will discuss those changes with you and subject to your agreement, recommend an alternative fund or funds. Apart from the annual review process, we will also contact you if we feel that amendments need to be made to your portfolio, in terms of asset allocation or the investments themselves.

By looking on our relationship as a long term and mutually-rewarding partnership, you can be sure that your financial interests will receive the thought and consideration they deserve.