Retirement Planning

A retirement plan can encompass a wide range of subjects. Investment strategies, personal taxation, drawdown options, annuities, inheritance tax and equity release  all may need to be considered. Furthermore, the rules and regulations governing pensions change constantly, making retirement planning one of the most complex areas of personal finance. Can you afford to defer taking your state pension? Perhaps you would like to retire abroad? Maybe you would like to know if an annuity or pension drawdown (or both) are right for you? We are here to answer those questions and many others. By taking full account of your circumstances, needs and views, your adviser will work with you to ensure that you make the most appropriate and potentially financially rewarding decisions.

  • Providing a concise and clear analysis of your present situation, taking
    into account targets and attitude to risk
  • Tax-planning opportunities
  • Ensuring you have an adequate retirement income
  • Projecting the impact of an early or delayed retirement
  • Pursuing hobbies, interests and travel
  • Buying a retirement property via your pension fund
  • Understanding your retirement benefits
  • Managing future capital
  • Using business assets for your retirement