The past few years has been an exciting time for Group Rapport and the industry more generally. We have seen major changes for the financial services industry as new legislation including Pension Freedoms and changes to tax rates have altered the landscape of advice. With the release of the new Lifetime ISA this has opened up some very interesting possibilities for some individuals.

With the fall out of the BREXIT vote and the on-going volatility we consider this as a perfect time for our clients to be reviewing their position and ensuring that they are in the best position to make the most of the opportunities available to us.

With most bank and building society interest rates still too low to beat inflation, a stocks and shares ISA remains one of the few options available to help you achieve a real rate of return.

Reasons to invest in a Stocks and Shares ISA:

  • the ISA remains one of the most tax-efficient methods of investing
  • over the long term, the investment returns from stocks and shares are expected to outperform cash returns.*

With this in mind, we suggest that you take full advantage of your £20,000 ISA allowance in the current tax year, before it expires on 5 April 2018. The tax treatment of investments depends upon each investors individual circumstances and is subject to changes in tax legislation.

Remember, the sooner you invest, the longer your money has the potential to grow. If you want the maximum opportunity for your investment to grow, you can set up your ISA subscription for next tax year in advance.

There are also opportunities to maximise your children’s investments with children under 16 being eligible for their own ISA allowance of £4,080 per tax year. 2015 saw the release of the Help to Buy ISA which promotes regular savings in return for a government bonus of 25% when purchasing a house with the funds. With more choices than ever around tax efficiency it is crucial that you seek advice.

Choosing the right investment funds

No one can predict the future pattern of stock market performance and past performance isn’t a guide to the future. However we can plan the choice of funds in an ISA so that it matches your expectations and your attitude to risk and continues to do so in future as the economic environment changes.

If you would like to discuss how best to take advantage of your full, tax-efficient ISA allowance before the window closes for the current tax year, please contact the office as soon as possible.

*The value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up and investors may not receive the amount of their original investment. Past Performance is not a guide to future performance.

The sterling value of overseas investments and the income from them will fluctuate in value as a result of currency movements.