Investing and investments

Before we do anything else, we get to know the investor in you. Accordingly, your adviser will want to learn about your current circumstances, your attitude to risk, your lifes priorities and your current and potential financial resources. Our teams use that knowledge to create a shortlist of investments which appear to meet your needs. Do you hold existing investments? With your permission, your adviser will discuss those holdings with you and if there is room for improvement, suggest potentially advantageous changes.

Apart from savings and investments, our wealth management specialists can also help with retirement planning, tax planning and estate planning arrangements. Perhaps you already take legal, accountancy or stockbroking advice? If so, we will work in tandem with those firms to ensure your wealth is managed as judiciously as it can possibly be.

The team will look at

  • Incorporating financial planning advice and management of clients assets, including investment portfolios, pension funds and deposits
  • Tax efficient investing
  • Alternative investments
  • How you can improve your net income in retirement
  • Trust planning
  • Pension alternatives which, can still utilise tax relief