Unbiased advice
We are independent financial advisers. The word independent is significant. It means that whenever we recommend a financial product, we can select from any and every product that is on the market. In terms of investments for example, there are many thousands of investment funds to choose from in the UK. Your adviser can construct an investment portfolio, develop your retirement plan or set up an ISA for you, using any of those funds.

Our clients
Our clients come from all walks of life,  young couples and families who are just-starting-out, individuals who are at the height of their careers, retired and soon-to-be retired couples and small and large business owners. Some of our clients are extremely wealthy, many are not.

Every Group Rapport adviser holds the national Qualifications and Credit Framework Level 4 qualification, the equivalent of the components found in a university degree. Those of our advisers who specialise in investment products also possess a current Statement of Professional Standing. The statement shows that the adviser subscribes to a code of ethics and is up to date with investment industry and regulatory developments.

The scope of our service
We can advise you on any and every aspect of personal financial planning.

Getting started
At our first meeting (for which there is no charge) we want to learn as much as possible about your circumstances, issues and priorities. You’ll also have the opportunity to find out about us including more details about what we do, the way our service works, what it costs and of course specific examples of how our advice can be of real worth to you.