Although every scheme is different, the common goals of implementing an employee benefits programme are:

1. Staff are rewarded in line with the value of their contribution
2. Morale improves
3. Employees feel greater loyalty to the business
4. Absenteeism reduces
5. When required, staff are more willing togo the extra mile
6. The employer is in some measure, enriching employee’s lives

Our programmes utilise best-of-market products, selected from our panels of trusted product providers. If you have any unusual requirements, we’ll research the market to identify the optimum solution and provider.


Pensions have always been and will always be a key employee benefit; they also present some of the most challenging issues. Volatile financial markets, coupled with the vast assortment of options on offer and complex and ever-changing legislation, make it essential that your employees receive expert on-going pension planning advice, no matter how far away an retirement may be.

We will identify the scheme that best suits the majority of your staff, your company and your scheme trustees. Our recommendations will take into consideration Group Personal Pension Plans, Group, Defined Contribution or Money Purchase Plans or a combination of two or more. If you have a defined benefit/final salary scheme already in place, you may find that we can substantially reduce the schema’s consultancy, actuarial and administration costs, whether or not it mis closed to new members and/or future accrual.


An effective and competitive healthcare scheme is central to any benefits programme. By providing healthcare benefits you are demonstrating to employees that you are mindful of their and their dependents wellbeing. Taking account of the growing emphasis on self-reliance, employees and potential employees place greater value on healthcare benefits.

Providing healthcare helps remove worries associated with NHS waiting lists, treatment delays, inconvenient appointment times and minimises avoidable absence from work. A private medical insurance plan, which can be used when necessary to supplement what is provided by the NHS, offers speedy diagnosis and treatment of acute medical conditions. The result? Peace of mind for your staff and a significant reduction in absenteeism.

Absence Management

Absenteeism costs UK business a staggering £13.4 billion per year. How much does absenteeism cost your business in terms of lost productivity and payroll expenses? Our advisers can help you take control of the problem, resulting in fewer absentee days and reduced absentee-related costs. Using highly effective but sensitive absence management programmes, we can track absence rates and patterns and identify the causes of absence. We can develop, implement and manage strategies, ensure that employees and line managers understand their responsibilities, arrange counselling and advice for individuals and integrate absentee profiling into the performance appraisal and development process.

Risk Benefits

A personal sense of security and peace of mind is crucial to their performance, hence the reason why risk benefits are considered a key component of all staff benefit schemes. By providing risk benefits, your staff have the certainty of knowing that if an unfortunate event befalls them, the financial problems will be negated. We can implement and administer generous but value-for-money policies for death in service, income protection, critical illness and any and all other types of risk cover. Apart from identifying the most suitable options, we will also advise you on the most efficient way of financing these types of benefits.

Salary Exchange

This option enables your staff to enjoy additional benefits at preferential rates and at no cost to the company  a genuine win/win scenario. Salary exchange (or salary sacrifice) is an easy, at-source form of saving, most commonly used when higher earners want to increase their pension contributions. (The scheme can also be used to provide benefits such as childcare, bicycles for work and mobile phones…)

In terms of a pension for example, the employee agrees to take a reduced salary or bonus in return for the employer making extra contributions to their pension fund. A further benefit of a Salary Exchange arrangement is that both parties pay lower NICs. The money saved can be used to increase the employee’s take home pay or make further contributions to the employee’s pension plan. Or the employer can, if they wish, keep the NIC savings.

Employee Discounts

At the heart of any reward scheme must be a high value, easy-to-use employee discounts programme: a scheme which offers employees real savings on everyday items and is easy for employers to administer. With over 1,000 national retailers and many more local arrangements, our employee discounts scheme is convenient to access and enables employees to purchase at a discount from a wide range of household name retailers.

We will manage the scheme on your behalf and be fully accountable for its operation. The employee discounts scheme is an on line facility hosted by Group Rapport in association with an internet-based employee discounts portal which if required, can carry your company branding.