Delivering Staff Benefits – the five stop process

No two businesses are the same. No two employees are the same. For those reasons, our advisers treat every case as an individual case. Your company culture, business model, industry sector, remuneration arrangements and the range and nature of the skills of your staff are all elements we will need to take account of. To determine exactly what is in your and your employees best interests, we adopt the following five-step process:


Our consultative approach begins with a discussion involving you and any appropriate colleagues and/or stakeholders. That meeting (or meetings) allows us to find out as much as you’re willing to tell us about your business, your objectives, your employees and to jointly determine the best way forward.

Subject to your agreement, we consult representative groups of your staff, at all levels, to ascertain and discuss their needs, concerns and aspirations and — importantly — to foster their support for the proposed scheme.

Having reviewed and analysed the inputs from all parties, we can then construct a suitable benefits programme. As well as satisfying the needs of your business and your employees, our recommendations will take account of their relative value for money, the potential returns on any investments that may be required and the overall tax-efficiency of the programme. We will discuss our recommendations with you in detail and modify the programme’s components as you require.

On acceptance of our proposals, your scheme is implemented and the tools and training necessary for its in-house administration are provided. We’ll also advise on how best to communicate and ‘market’ the benefits of your benefits package to employees.

As we are responsible for overseeing your scheme, part of our role is to take any unnecessary or time-consuming programme management tasks off your hands. We’ll also help to ensure that employees continue to appreciate the worth of the company’s contribution to their welfare and that your business accrues the direct and indirect financial benefits of an appropriate and comprehensive employee benefit scheme.


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