Auto Enrolment

As an employer, do you know everything you need to know about auto enrolment – the new law that requires all employers to provide a workplace pension for certain staff?

As the UK population is living longer than ever before, the state is struggling to provide sufficient income to meet the needs of the growing numbers of retired people. For those reasons (and others) the government has introduced Workplace Pensions: an initiative which is intended to persuade UK workers to start saving earlier – and more – for their retirement.

Your Obligations
Since 2012, the very largest employers have been obliged to offer a qualifying occupational pension scheme to their employees. By 2018, every business in the UK will be legally required to enrol their staff in a workplace pension.

Some employees will be enrolled automatically, others will be enrolled only if they choose to be, or according to their age and earnings. Every scheme must meet or exceed certain legal standards.

How can we help?

A number of tasks need completing prior to your company’s staging date, including assessing your workforce for eligibility, choosing a pension scheme and communicating in a clear and simple manner to your employees.

Rapport can assist with all of the key points and also review any existing arrangements you may have. We will produce a clear timeline of events both up to and beyond your staging date and ensure you remain compliant and keep abreast with the legislation and your obligations.

Find out more

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