Group Rapport

Group Rapport – one of the UK’s leading staff benefits consultancies – designs and implements employee benefit schemes for all types of organisations: made-to-measure packages that provide tangible and worthwhile benefits for the employer and the employee.

It’s been proven that employers with staff benefit schemes in place gain advantages over those that don’t. Employees are more motivated, display greater loyalty to the business and personal performance improves. Furthermore, benefit schemes help attract key potential employees and can be the deciding factor when deciding between offers of employment.

Contrary to belief, staff benefit schemes are not the preserve of large enterprises.
Irrespective of the size of the business, most employees share the same fundamental personal needs. They also have high regard for peace-of-mind benefits such as a pension, health care arrangements and insurance cover.

Employers expect a tangible return on their investment in benefits, whereas employees value benefits that are accessible and relevant to their needs. No matter whether you’re considering a benefit programme for a select group of employees or an entire workforce, our qualified advisers will tailor-make a package that satisfies the requirements of all concerned.

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